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What is vitreous powder does vitreous powder have why to apply

Glass has good through, light transmittance performance, chemical stability is high, and can be processed according to different methods to obtain a strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect, and even can make the glass independent color, isolated too strong light, so often used in all walks of life, to meet different needs.Let’s take a […]

Introduction to Chinese painting: the use of mica color, flash piece

Mica color is widely used in paintings all over the world, and has a long history in Chinese painting.For example, Fahai Temple in the western suburbs of Beijing and Dunhuang murals have been used.Mica has endless expression, is an indispensable material in modern Chinese painting.The following ixueyi share a few common use methods. A cover, […]

How to use glitter powder?What are the main effects?

Bulk powder is usually used for setting makeup.Can make color makeup effect lasting, reduce facial gloss.According to different classification methods, it can be generally divided into transparent powder, color powder, matte powder and flash powder.Transparency powders tend to dry the skin and do not change the color.Color powder has slant white, slant pink, slant green, […]

How to abstain eye glitter powder

In some occasions, the requirements for makeup are very important. The metaphor can highlight the beautiful eyes. How can the glitter powder be less when making up?What if something happens suddenly, or if it’s an emergency, and you don’t have polish?Let’s learn how to make glitter powder quickly! Material requested: mirror, egg, hair dryer; Making […]

What is glitter powder

1. What’s the use of glitter powder Flash powder is actually magnesium powder. Early photographic flash bulbs burned magnesium powder to produce light, so they are called magnesium lamps. Application: cosmetic, printing ink, coating, leather, ceramic 2, star makeup around the eyes stick those small particles of flash beads called what ah?I want to buy […]

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