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What is vitreous powder does vitreous powder have why to apply

Glass has good through, light transmittance performance, chemical stability is high, and can be processed according to different methods to obtain a strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect, and even can make the glass independent color, isolated too strong light, so often used in all walks of life, to meet different needs.Let’s take a look at what powdered glass is and what it can do to improve our understanding.

What is glass powder

Glass powder has good transparency, small particle size and good dispersion.After many surface treatment, the product crystallizes into fine powder, which has good lipophilicity and good affinity with other components of the coating system, and has strong spatial separation ability, which can be distributed evenly on the film and improve the hardness, wear resistance, anti-braces and other properties of the film.

1. It is mainly used in the production of high furniture topcoat.

2. It can reduce the proportion of matte powder when used in matte resin.

3. It is recommended to use with HIGH FLAT wax slurry for better effect.

4. Reference dosage: 3-5% of the recommended total dosage of NEG glass powder in India

Glass powder has why to apply

Glass powder is a kind of easy to grind and scratch high transparent powder material, small particle size, good dispersion, high transparency, anti-sinking effect is good;After many surface improvements, has good affinity, and has a strong resistance ability, can be conveniently dispersed in the paint, film can increase the coating fullness, made of crystal transparent primer, not only maintain the transparency of the varnish, but also provide good grinding.It is mainly used as crystal primer in the production of high furniture.Also widely used for decoration with the bottom of the two-purpose paint.Scope of application: polyester paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, vinyl acid paint, PE transparent primer, etc.

1, furniture paint, its transparency, thixotropy, hardness, wear resistance are very good, it is recommended to add 3-7%, paint for 5-10%.

2, suitable for plastic paint, metal paint, the recommended dosage is 10-15%.

3, the glass powder in the paint is mainly used for the production of high furniture as a crystal primer, but also widely used for decoration with the bottom of the two-purpose paint.It is recommended to add 5% to 10%

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