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Introduction to Chinese painting: the use of mica color, flash piece

Mica color is widely used in paintings all over the world, and has a long history in Chinese painting.For example, Fahai Temple in the western suburbs of Beijing and Dunhuang murals have been used.Mica has endless expression, is an indispensable material in modern Chinese painting.The following ixueyi share a few common use methods.

A cover, color method: put the mica powder in dish or in a small bowl, add a small amount of adhesive solution (adhesive solution of high-grade Japan deer glue, gelatin, etc.) with your finger or a stick and mica powder and adhesive solution (directly to reconcile with the writing brush mica and adhesive solution) of avoid by all means, make clear water dilution, slightly after using brush dips in besmear of color with flat evenly in the background picture on the cover with a layer.Because mica dry hind shows translucent shape, all sorts of color of reason bottom and rendering effect can appear, the effect is obscure and have light feeling slightly.Note that transparency can be controlled by how much water is added at the end.

Two, mixed with pigment method: mica color can also be directly involved in mineral color, Chinese color, water pink, oil color, watercolor, propylene and other pigments, after the mediation of direct painting, dry picture with a bright effect.The general situation is that the same hue or similar hue of mica and pigment harmonize with each other, can also harmonize their own special color effect according to the color principle.

Three, the basket sieve method: in the picture needs to have the part of the mica first coated with a layer of glue, or while the picture is not dry, with a head with iron net or gauze bamboo tube, mica powder will fall evenly, producing a more natural effect.

Four, hand sprinkling: the part of the picture needs to be coated with glue, or while the picture is not dry, with the hand pinch mica powder, gently sprinkle to the picture, not to be uniform, dense or sparse can form the desired effect at will.After drying if you feel too bright part, can be on transparent mask of any pigment.

5. Blow down method: put the mica powder on a piece of white paper, hold the white paper with both hands and place it on the picture, gently blow the mica powder on the paper when the picture is not dry, and the mica powder will naturally fall on the picture like snow, producing the effect of little spots, which is very natural and subtle.The star of the obvious degree is not enough to blow again, would rather fade into the deep, not a blow more difficult to grasp the effect.

The flash is used in exactly the same way as the mica color.They can be used as a whole or as a part of the picture.In short, it must be used skillfully and cleverly in order to play a role in the picture.Can not abuse, easy to cause tackiness.The above are a few simple and common ways to use mica. Any method is not immutable. Every painter can create his own unique new method according to his needs.

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